I've upgraded to Premium but I still can't access premium content

Sometimes there is a chance that things don't go to plan. We rely upon all of our systems talking together, including Apple and Google, in order to validate your status as a Premium app member with full premium app access.

If you have upgraded and still can't see premium content, firstly we are sorry for the hiccup.


App Store Purchase

If you subscribed via in-app subscriptions on your iPhone and your subscription didn't upgrade from Free to Premium follow these steps.

1. Find a Premium item and hit "Upgrade". You'll be taken to the Subscription page.

2. Just under the box with the subscription price options you'll find some text saying "By purchasing a subscription you agree to our T&Cs / Privacy Policy, and under that text that reads "Restore Purchases".

3. Hit the Restore Purchases button text.



Web App Purchase with your credit card or Paypal

If you subscribed in your web browser in the web app on the website at artistname.fan.direct you can manage your subscription by logging in to the web version of the app, clicking Settings and then Subscriptions.




If you still have problems

Please submit a support ticket telling us which app you are using and if you paid directly at https://shop.gigrev.com or via Apple or Google Play in-app subscriptions and we'll be right on it.